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If you’re like me then you’ve probably looked at yourself in a mirror. You know what you look like, right? We all have various identities and how we perceive ourselves.
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I cannot say,
“I love You,”
just for who
you are.
I didn’t know
you, your love,
grace, compassion,
joy, hope-
I thought
I knew-
until I met
you. I
realize, I
am a child,
what love
is. Covered
by grace, limit-
less, Your grace-
isn’t sufficient.
You promise
more. I
love You,
because, you
first, loved

These eyes
cannot see
the path
Ears, deafened-
cannot discern;
my soul
resounds, with
Your voice-
calling. Walking
by faith.
Knowing, my
my desire;
to reach out,
touch your
as I,
am known.

Malice, stirs within-
love springs, eternal, filling
hearts, creating life…